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Travel gift card for christmas, birthdays, weddings and more

Give away a special experience for christmas, birthdays or other occasions. The gift card is valid for all our products, guided tours and trips in our store (except for hotel bookings) and can be redeemed for the following 3 years after the purchase date. Shipping via e-mail or mail.


  • The gift card is valid for all our products in the shop (except for hotel bookings).
  • It is possible to write a personal message to the presentee on the gift card.
  • Gift card balances are valid for 3 years after the issuance, you can use remaining balances for further bookings
  • The amount will be accredited to the gift card concerning the respective cancellation policy in case of the customer returning the bought product.
  • The gift card is transferable and can be used for bookings by different people.

How the gift card is redeemed

Go to our online shop under and choose one or more items or guided tours that you would like to book. You can enter the gift card code in the cart. You can retrieve the current balance of your gift card online at any time. If the amount of the booking differs from the balance on the gift card, the difference can just be paid extra or the remaining balance can be used for further bookings. And all that for 3 entire years from the date of purchase.

Shipping of the gift cards

  • Shipping via mail: (4,90 € shipping and handling): You will receive a representative gift card. You can find an overview of the delivery times here.
  • Shipping via e-mail (no shipping and handling): Immediately after the booking you will receive a gift card that you can print out yourself.

Give away joy with out gift cards

  • To book a gift card simply enter the number of the requested gift cards, choose the shipping method and click on “add to cart”.
  • You can enter the name of the presentee and personal greetings on every gift card.
  • Ideal as a present in the last second: if you choose shipping via e-mail the gift card is sent as an e-mail right after booking, so you only have to print it out.
  • Representative gift card via mail: We will mail the gift card right on the same day or by no later than the following workday after the purchase. Short delivery times!
  • The balance on the gift card is valid for 3 years after the date of purchase.

Terms and conditions

  • No refund of the money, no cancellation of the gift card.
  • The gift card is like cash, no liability in case of loss.
  • Only one gift card per booking can be redeemed. A combination with other gift cards is not possible.

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